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Dear Media List: It’s not me, it’s you.

Media list, media list, media list. As a PR specialist’s “life line” to reporters, a robust media list that spans multiple vertical publications, as well as mainstream outlets, is critical to a successful PR program.

Hours are spent sorting through media databases and vetting reporters to get that “perfect list.” As a result, the media list becomes the first place many PR professional go to find a reporter to pitch.

While this is a great first step, it is equally important to remember that every reporter that could be targeted for your story may not be in your list.  Hav...
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Dec 11

Zer0 to 5ive Unveils Bridg-it’s New Website

Bridg-it has a new look, thanks to a brand new website designed and developed by Zer0 to 5ive. The site is a longform site that incorporates the Company’s new messaging and approach to market.

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Dec 07

Common Image File Formats and When to Use Them

Why do I need to know image file formats?

Whether you are a junior designer or a non-designer charged with exchanging files with a design staff, web development staff and/or commercial printer, knowing the basics will help you quickly get the right kind of file into the right hands. This will reduce the wasted time and frustration of unnecessary back and forth, costly printing errors and poor-quality images that demonstrate a lack of professional standards.

The following is an introduction to image file formats without getting into all the overwhelming technical detail.

What ...
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Dec 04