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3 Things to Consider for Your 2016 Marketing Strategy

One of the most exciting things about working in marketing is the ever-evolving nature of customer behavior. The challenge that results is in keeping up with trends that our marketing forefathers could never have even imagined! Here are three drivers not to be ignored in 2016:  

Content Driven Search Traffic
For some people, SEO has become more about outsmarting search engines than providing good quality content for people. Google has made great strides in improving its algorithms to ensure a greater quality of search results. As it moves more and more in the direc...
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Mar 21

In PR, It’s Not Just a Simple Email…

No matter what field you are in, emails are undoubtedly employed more than face-to-face communication. While email is typically a casual way of communicating, misspellings and grammatical errors can (and will) give your audience the impression that you are rushing, unorganized or not thorough.

While writing an email may not seem important compared to a case study or press release, they still deserve attention to detail. In public relations, in particular, a poorly written email pitch could result in a reporter not responding to you or refusing to cover your client’s news. It...
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Mar 08