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Content Marketing vs. Public Relations: Why New Ways to Publish Don’t Replace PR for B2B Companies

The last five years have seen a marked changed in the way content is generated online. Instead of relying on a newsroom staffed with journalists, online media platforms are trading on their infinite column length of free content from outside sources. What was first a cost-cutting measure is now a potential money maker has the views generated help bolster advertising revenues at a fraction of the cost of internal writers and editors.

This change has given individuals the ability to publish their work alongside journalists with only small cues to differentiate them to the reader (e....
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Feb 21 Recognized as One of Crain’s Top 10 Best BtoB Sites of 2010

Earlier this year, we worked with Airclic to reposition the company as it transformed itself into a SaaS-based mobile logistics products provider. This included developing a new logo, product architecture, corporate and product positioning and messaging, and brand identity. We also took the opportunity to create a new website for Airclic ( that reflected its updated brand.

It didn’t take long before the site started turning heads. Since the launch, traffic has increased by nearly 20 percent each month, the time spent on the site has increased by nearly 20 percent a...
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