3 Things to Consider for Your 2016 Marketing Strategy

One of the most exciting things about working in marketing is the ever-evolving nature of customer behavior. The challenge that results is in keeping up with trends that our marketing forefathers could never have even imagined! Here are three drivers not to be ignored in 2016:


Content Driven Search Traffic

For some people, SEO has become more about outsmarting search engines than providing good quality content for people. Google has made great strides in improving its algorithms to ensure a greater quality of search results. As it moves more and more in the direction of machine learning and artificial intelligence there is simply going to be no substitute for good content. So stop worrying so much about SEO and start building content so rich and valuable that search engines will want to drive traffic there!


Mobile Accessibility

With more people than ever before using mobile devices and the proliferation of smartwatches into popular culture, more and more people are accessing information in ways they hadn’t been before. As a result, mobile marketing has reached new heights of importance. If you want to reach your customer where they “live” – mobile comes first. Mobile friendly websites, mobile friendly HTML emails, and – where it makes sense – mobile applications. In 2016, make mobile priority #1 – not an afterthought.


Immersive Experiences

The advances made recently in inexpensive virtual reality, such as Google Cardboard and the much-anticipated Oculus Rift, have given marketers a new opportunity to engage prospects. Storytelling is an essential element to connecting emotionally, and immersive experiences provide environments designed specifically to create a memorable experience and emotional connection. Be among the early adopters to use this technology for marketing campaigns and simultaneously increase your cool factor while showcasing your product in a brand new way.


At the end of the day, the heart of every marketing strategy is connecting with people along their unique customer journeys.   If you keep the customer at the center of your strategy, your chances of success grow exponentially!

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