Zer0 to 5ive believes that the best marketing and public relations programs are well informed. We apply thorough research to the development and execution of go-to-market and awareness strategies. Not only does our research offer a detailed view of your market, but it also helps inform product development, pricing, positioning and distribution.

Our research process is a crucial element in providing you with the data necessary to intelligently inform your overall business and communications strategies – including what not to do. Furthermore, we often package our research results for analyst, media and sales presentations, giving you additional value and visibility.


Primary research services include: phone interviews, online/email interviews, intercept interviews, and focus groups. Secondary research services include: industry research, media & analyst audits, competitive research and product comparisons.

It’s information you can count on.

Our Research

Primary Research

  • Phone interviews
  • Online/email interviews
  • Intercept interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Surveys

Secondary Research

  • Industry-specific publications
  • Analyst reports
  • Media and analyst audits
  • Competitive research