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How Optimization Influences Communications

Why are you reading this blog post? That, I’m not really sure about. Who are you? Why are you reading this blog post? I can take a good guess. You probably have marketing, communications or PR in your profile somewhere. Chances are, you’ve read a post on a similar subject or even read something on the Zer0 to 5ive blog before. If our readership mirrors a site such as MarketingProfs, you are likely a professional at a small or medium-sized business in North America. How do I know this? Because we’re inside an optimization loop. It’s similar to the social media bubble of our own de...
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Jan 09

SEO Best Practices

In order for your corporate or personal website to be found by search engines, and ultimately visitors, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important part of your web strategy. In this blog post, we’ll review some key components of SEO: content, code/HTML, keywords and link building. Content The best website content is readable by search engines (not hidden in images), added often, optimized with keywords, and is organized logically by keyword-based themes or categories. Furthermore, the best website content is reader-friendly – meaning you should optimize your site content for your t...
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Jun 29

Utilizing Wikipedia as a PR Tool

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia covering just about every topic out there. It is maintained by a worldwide community of volunteers, who routinely edit and update the information. PR professionals can help their clients be part of Wikipedia either by creating an original article (often referred to as "entry") or ensuring an existing article is up-to-date.

How Wikipedia Helps PR It’s credible: With high standards for its articles, Wikipedia maintains accurate information that consumers and media can rely on. It’s popular: As one of the leading online encyclope...
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Dec 09

Simple SEO Post #1: Making Your Press Release Search Engine Friendly!

As more and more magazines, newspapers and trade publications move into the digital space, public relation firms can leverage SEO tactics to gain greater exposure for their clients.

Journalists and bloggers are using search engines and tweeting and blogging today’s hottest topics. The majority of online content is redistributed content; bloggers and online writers find content and re-post or rehash it. This means that making your PR materials SEO friendly can help you generate continued pick-up online and gain your clients further exposure.

For m...
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Feb 04