Meet Bob

Bob Minkus
Name: Bob Minkus

Title: Senior Strategist

Education: Emory University, B.A. in Economics and Journalism

Hobbies: Photography, guitar, golf, reading and food

Favorite TV Shows: Currently, Boardwalk Empire and No Reservations

Favorite Singer/Band: Radiohead, Ray LaMontagne

Favorite Book: Too many to list, currently reading The Signal and The Noise by Nate Silver

Favorite Sports Teams: 4 for 4 on Philadelphia teams: Phillies, Eagles, Flyers and 76ers

Greatest Accomplishment: Renovating my house over a couple of years. Sleeping in the dining room was worth it!

PR/Marketing Advice: Fail faster. Get the first idea out quickly and get feedback. It usually leads to a better result than trying to get it 100% perfect in your own mind. It’s true for writers and designers, and it’s true for those bringing a product or service to market.

Twitter handle: @askminkus