0to5 Media Moments: June 2024

By Maggie Markert

In our blog series, Media Moments, the Zer0 to 5ive public relations team highlights a variety of media coverage secured by the team on behalf of our clients every month. Check back each month to get a glimpse at the team’s ongoing work.

When reaching out to the media on behalf of our clients, we generate interest and secure coverage through various approaches. One of the most successful and popular ways is connecting our clients’ points of view to key trends in a particular market or aspect of life. Another successful approach is showcasing a customer with a compelling story that highlights the positive impact of a specific company or technology on their business.

Our media features and inclusions in June resulted from outreach efforts leveraging industry trends and customer stories. Check them out below!


KQED for SchoolStatus

Absenteeism is a priority topic for education writers, and they are always seeking data to support their stories. SchoolStatus had access to anonymized data through its platform, allowing the company to analyze and highlight emerging trends nationally and in certain key states. Our team utilized these trends to pitch a story to the NPR affiliate, KQED, focusing on absenteeism in California and successful intervention strategies that schools can implement with SchoolStatus as a key thought leader on the topic. Read the article here.


INSTORE Magazine for Jewel360

The ability to find a customer that is willing to talk about the products they are using publicly can be a difficult feat. However, these stories are goldmines for both brands and media. Brands love to see their customers happily talking about their services, and media love to speak directly with customers to hear their stories – the challenges, successes, and everything in between. Upon receiving an exceptional customer story from Jewel360, our team took a targeted approach to pitching, with the goal of securing a feature placement in INSTORE Magazine, the premier jewelry trade publication. This approach was successful, resulting in a nice profile on the customer and a mention of Jewel360’s platform. Read the feature here.


Work Shift for Universal Technical Institute, Inc.

A notable trend reported by journalists covering the workforce, economy, and business is the growing interest in skilled trades among students and workers. As this movement continues to impact the future of work and the economy, journalists constantly seek unique perspectives and anecdotes to enhance their coverage. Our team pitched Universal Technical Institute, Inc.’s (UTI) experts to discuss this movement and share the benefits of providing practical, industry-relevant training to students and workers. This approach resulted in an in-depth piece published by Work Shift. Read it here.


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