0to5 Media Moments: November 2023

By Maggie Markert

It’s exciting to see a diverse range of client coverage every month, spanning from podcasts and bylines to funding profiles. Each form of coverage holds significance, providing either an insider’s view into a company or product, or presenting distinct perspectives on important national and industry-specific topics. 

The Zer0 to 5ive team is dedicated to crafting powerful narratives and viewpoints for our clients. Our goal is to pinpoint and secure the most fitting and pertinent opportunities available so that our clients can be seen and heard. 

Here are a few of the Zer0 to 5ive team’s placements from November.

NPR’s Teaching Matters for CENTEGIX

Oftentimes, journalists want to speak to individuals who have direct experience with a topic or issue. In education, that means working alongside our clients with educators and school or district leadership. 

With CENTEGIX, the Zer0 to 5ive team identified a district leader to discuss the importance of creating a multi-layered safety plan in K-12 schools and offered them to speak with NPR’s Teaching Matters podcast. During the interview, the interviewer and audience also received a real-time example of how quickly the district leader’s schools were able to initiate a lock-down within seconds through CENTEGIX’s CrisisAlert badge. Listen to the podcast here. for Imagine Pharma

Funding is a major milestone in a company’s journey and a great news hook for storytelling. To elevate a funding announcement into a larger profile story, public relations professionals can offer journalists the opportunity to delve into the significance of the funding and its implications.

For Imagine Pharma, the Zer0 to 5ive team leveraged the company’s recent $32.5 million funding round to secure interest from in conducting interviews for a profile story. You can read the article here.

Ed Post for SchoolStatus

Awareness days, weeks, and months can play an important role in developing a compelling story. They lend relevance and timeliness to a point of view a company may have on a key topic. 

For SchoolStatus, the Zer0 to 5ive team identified Family Engagement Month as an opportunity to engage the media on why meaningful school-home connections in K-12 education should be supported. This outreach resulted in multiple opportunities, including a byline opportunity with Ed Post. The article can be read here.

Compliance Podcast Network for Qmulos

Public relations professionals must stay on top of key news trends and current events. One trend that has consistently remained at the forefront is cybersecurity. This topic has many different aspects and identifying the right one for a client is crucial. 

On behalf of Qmulos, the Zer0 to 5ive team focused on the topic of cybersecurity compliance to secure an interview with Compliance Podcast Network’s Innovation in Compliance Podcast with Tom Fox. You can listen to the podcast episode here.


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