0to5 Media Moments: September 2023

By Maggie Markert

Thought leadership is a critical facet of any successful public relations program for any organization. It doesn’t matter if you are a Fortune 500 company, a startup, or a research organization – thought leadership offers a valuable avenue to articulate your innovative ideas and can serve as an excellent method to increase your visibility. 

That’s why our public relations team at Zer0 to 5ive strives to build strong thought leadership in every program we offer clients. 

Here are a few of the Zer0 to 5ive team’s thought leadership-based placements from September.

MIT Technology Review for Sony AI

Research is a powerful thought leadership tool in public relations. Not only are journalists always seeking relevant data and insights to bolster their stories, but they are actively seeking expert sources capable of interpreting such research and connecting it to wider trends and topics.  

Our team recently worked with Sony AI to promote the unveiling of new research on skin tone annotation in computer vision and pitched it to MIT Technology Review. This research directly correlated to a broader topic the outlet was working on about bias in computer vision systems, which opened up the opportunity for Sony AI researchers to speak with the journalist and be quoted in her story. Read the article here.

Forbes for Qmulos

Startup founders are great sources of thought leadership commentary often because of their deep industry and technical knowledge of a certain area. This thought leadership, in many cases, directly supports the challenge they seek to solve through their company. 

For Qmulos, our team pitched a story of the company’s founder and how it relates to the ongoing challenges in the world related to enterprise security, compliance, and risk management. This storyline captured the interest of a Forbes writer who published a profile piece on the founder. Read the profile here.

InformationWeek for Sony Innovation Fund

Journalists rely on expert commentary to help write their stories. In most cases, journalists seek a wide variety of voices that can help them craft a well-rounded piece. Often, to help gather commentary from sources, journalists will share queries directly with their public relations or organization contacts through email, social media, and distribution services. As public relations professionals, we are responsible for identifying and vetting these opportunities and collaborating with expert sources to provide insightful perspectives for the journalists’ stories.

On behalf of Sony Innovation Fund, our team identified an opportunity to submit commentary on how artificial intelligence impacts artificial reality (AR). The team worked directly with the organization’s entertainment technology expert to craft compelling insights that could be shared for consideration with the journalist. Some of those insights appeared throughout the journalist’s piece weeks later in InformationWeek. Read the story here.

Total Retail for eTail Pet

Bylines are a great vehicle for showcasing thought leadership. While these pieces cannot promote your organization or solutions directly, they can help build your credibility and position a leader as a key expert on a topic related to your work. 

Our team worked with eTail Pet to pitch a byline article from the company’s expert source on the effective use of customer data to enhance return on investment (ROI) for retail stores. The thoughtful and comprehensive piece was accepted and published by Total Retail. Read the byline here. for Onymos

If you’re looking to capture the attention of a journalist for thought leadership, one effective approach is to express a bold and assertive opinion, often referred to as a ‘stake in the ground.’ This type of perspective is frequently unique and thought-provoking – or sometimes provocative – and sets it apart from the countless opinions journalists receive. 

 The team at Onymos is comprised of experts who offer thoughtful and bold opinions, which often pique the interest of journalists. One example of this was a byline questioning whether or not generative AI would replace software developers. The piece was pitched to by our team and later published. Read the byline here.


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