Competitive positioning

We just completed another ChalkTalk for a new client yesterday where we went through our competitive positioning process.  Once again, having your client really think about their differentiators, market challenges and market opportunities crystallizes a competitive difference that has legs.  In this case, we identified a simple approach the client was using that was almost a give-away, not only as a differentiator, but as a new revenue stream and a “trojan horse” for sales.  You could feel the electricity in the air as the sales and marketing teams absorbed the impact of what we were doing and the potential it held.

Whether you call it positioning, competitive positioning, re-positioning, de-positioning, you-name-it positioning — at the end of the day it’s all about owning and differentiating your offering — and making everyone else’s offerings look less desirable.  If you haven’t done this for your company in a while, do it.  Who knows what you’ll find!

(Posted by Michelle Pujadas; image via Creative Commons courtesy of Jesus Solana)