Putting the Public Back in PR: Using Unique Avenues to Create PR Results


Although the term, “PR outreach” most commonly conjures a process of directly contacting the media to pitch a story, there are alternative ways to spread a client’s message that are equally effective and engaging. Zer0 to 5ive recently employed one of these unique methods, coordinating a series of church events, in order to reach its target audience about HIV awareness.

The PR team recognized that the neighborhood church is a critical part of the community and initiated a partnership with a nonprofit organization to identify and connect with renowned pastors and their churches in major cities. By working to build relationships within the fabric of the community, the team created a new medium to spread the benefits of HIV testing to the public.

As influential figures, the church pastors were eager to participate and the PR team developed talking points and key messages for the pastors to impart to their respective congregations. The result was an effective and unique way to connect with the target audience and make the message known, while still being personal, engaging and not overly promotional.

In addition to this unconventional channel, the PR team doubled down on its outreach efforts and contacted the media. Because the church sermons were local events raising an issue that affects their communities, media outlets were keen to cover them. The result was multiple local broadcast and print pickups in each targeted city.

Organizing church events to engage on a personal subject was a unique approach that paid off. In examining your public relations program this year, think about adding some more “public” to the mix.

Post by Sarah Fait
Zer0 to 5ive Associate Strategist
Twitter: @sarahmfait