Q&A with RetailWire CEO Dominick Miserandino: Insights for PR Professionals on Effectively Collaborating with Journalists

By Annmarie Ely

Working with trade outlets is a valuable way to reach leaders in an industry with targeted, thoughtful content. The retail industry, in particular, is constantly changing and it’s important for the industry’s business leaders to have content that puts a microscope on what’s happening every day.

We recently interviewed Dominick Miserandino, the new CEO of RetailWire, a leading retail trade publication covering the latest trends and insights in the industry. As CEO of a publication, Dominick offers a unique perspective on how PR professionals can work with media outlets.

Thank you to Dominick for taking the time to conduct this interview! You can explore RetailWire’s coverage of industry insights and trends here:

Would you please briefly introduce yourself and your career background?

I started as the creator of, one of the first online pubs, and then Inquisitr, Adoramapix, and YouNow. I’ve probably worked on over 100+ e-commerce and media sites as an advisor.

What motivated you to join RetailWire as the new CEO?

The retail space, and this B2B market in particular, is rather unique and presents a new set of skills to learn and challenges to overcome. Before this role, more of my background was in B2C.

What are some of your goals or priorities as the new CEO of RetailWire?

Step one is to immerse myself in this world. Learn the players and partners.

What are some trends or topics within retail that you are interested in seeing RetailWire cover in 2024?

We are editorially trying to expand our in-depth coverage, as well as our general consumer audience coverage. I’m happy that our readership has gone up about sixfold since we started on this in fall 2023.

Can you share examples of successful collaborations or interactions you’ve had with PR reps?

Not as of yet with RetailWire, but I’m looking forward to it. In the past, the most successful stories were ones that were unique. Years ago, I had a writer doing a video inside the Krispy Kreme headquarters, interviews with Led Zeppelin, and behind-the-scenes at the White House. Those that worked well were quite a bit more than a press release, and thereby other outlets grabbed them too.

What communication strategies do you find most effective when working with PR professionals, such as pitches (length), press releases, research, etc.?

Straight to the point. I actually remember the dialogue with the Krispy Kreme one:
“Do you want to send a writer behind the scenes of Krispy Kreme?” Yes.

It’s so much better than most press pitches, which are guesswork:
“We have an amazing brand that would like to do something with you.”

Ok, what brand, what would they like to do? Are you just asking the writer to copy your press release?

How can PR professionals best tailor their communications to meet the needs of retail-focused outlets?

For retail, as well as any media outlet, know the outlet itself.

Are there any specific elements or information that you consider essential in a press release or pitch related to retail?

I think so much is just knowing the outlet and cutting to it.

I’ve had days of literally 200+ emails from publicists and I don’t want to guess what the goal is and who the client is.

How can PR professionals most effectively pitch stories and information to RetailWire?

Right now we have two fronts: trending general business news and the real in-depth pieces. Understanding these two fronts is the first step. If you have something in-depth, unique, or trending on Google News to share, we love it.

If they don’t, most pitches come across as: “I know you’re covering trending topics, but this will be trending.”

But then it’s not a fit for the moment. Fitting a square peg in a round hole is just going to break the peg.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers about the dynamics of working with PR professionals?

I’ve been an advisor/shareholder of well over 100 publications and find the best pitches are direct and simple.