Top Ten Technology Tweeters: Part II


A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about the Top Ten Technology Tweeters. However, anyone that actively engages in social media knows that a “Top 10” list won’t even begin to cover influencers in any category – let alone technology!

Every day, I click “Follow” on insightful, interesting, funny and resourceful tweeters so, without further ado, I give you: Top Ten Technology Tweeters: Part II:

@karaswisher: Kara Swisher is a news-breaker, short and simple. She writes for WSJ’s All Things Digital, but if you follow her Twitter feed, you may just be among the first to know.

@GuyKawasaki: Guy Kawasaki is a former Apple employee and current co-founder of Alltop. Somehow, in between his busy work schedule, he manages to share concise, often hilarious articles to over one million followers. What I like most about Guy’s feed though, is that it is highly visual, full of infographics and videos.

@Scobleizer: Robert Scoble, the blogger behind, has a unique way of incorporating his personal experiences as a current Rackspace employee, and former Microsoft employee and Fast Company blogger into the day’s most relevant news. His tweets are highly engaging and humorous.

@jonahlupton: Jonah Lupton has founded more companies than I can name, but his latest tweets are largely focused on his coverage of other entrepreneurs. There’s nothing more interesting than a good dark horse story and many tech entrepreneurs and start-up founders provide just that!

@kheussner: There are a lot of serial tweeters from @gigaOM, but I prefer Ki Mae because she tweets out only the most interesting and relevant stories, with little to no nonsense in between. Also, I just saw her on a PCNY panel and she was informative, engaging and concise – just like her Twitter feed.

@pkafka: PR folks know Peter Kafka as one of the most coveted tech reporters in the business, but in between trying to get an exclusive for my clients with him, I rely on his Twitter feed for a streamlined view of the day’s “must-know” stories. Importantly, Peter tweets news from a variety of sources, not just links to his own stories.

@alexia: Alexia Tsotsis is the co-editor of, arguably, the most influential tech news site there is: TechCrunch. But don’t let that fool you; her Twitter feed is so much more. Daily anecdotes, pictures and re-tweets from other influencers round out her feed, and her humor and realism make it a must-read.

@Gartenberg: Michael Gartenberg is an analyst at Gartner. For the most part, though, Gartenberg leaves the analysis off of his Twitter account, and what we’re left with are hilarious quips on tech news and witty conversations with other major players in the Twittersphere.

@peretti: Jonah Peretti is known for co-founding @HuffingtonPost:, but I tend to follow his tweets for the latest from his more recent endeavor, @buzzfeed. Jonah’s tweets are full of parody, top 25 lists, memes and hilarious, sometimes heartwarming, imagery from around the globe. Buzzfeed doesn’t exclusively cover technology – in fact, it’s not even a main focus – but Jonah’s industry experience and influence shine through in his own tweets.

@loic: Loic Le Meur and his wife, Geraldine, are the masterminds behind the highly influential Le Web (@leweb) technology conference in Europe. With over 100K followers, you can count on Loic to deliver the latest tech, start-up and breaking news, alongside updates on the latest Le Web event.

As my Google Reader grows and my “Following” list gets larger, I’m sure this list will continue to expand, so look out for the next, next top 10 list of Twitter accounts to follow!

Post by Kristen Everett
Zer0 to 5ive Senior Strategist
Twitter: @krissyeverett