Top Ten Technology Tweeters


When it comes to Twitter, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the seemingly limitless number of folks tweeting about technology. In the world of PR and marketing, those Tweeters dolling out nuggets of wisdom, linking to articles and providing industry insights can be a major resource. But how do you know who’s worth following among the millions of techies tweeting their days away?

Here’s my list of the top 10 Twitter feeds. Take a look and do yourself a favor: click “Follow.”

@HuffPostTech: Everyone loves the Huffington Post, but the online newspaper’s technology Twitter handle provides a perfect mix of news, opinions and funny quips.

@DaveMorin: If you didn’t already know, Dave Morin co-founded the “personal network” app Path. His tweets cover news from big brands like Amazon, Facebook, and Apple – but his own brand of commentary is that which only a start-up founder can provide. Also his wife, Brit Morin (@brit), is the founder of the lifestyle brand by the same name. Her Twitter feed and website are chock full of products, tips and tricks for today’s digital generation.

@chr1sa: Like gadgets? Wired Editor-in-Chief, Chris Anderson will keep followers updated on the latest, greatest and weirdest gadgets out there.

@PeterShankman: As PR pros, checking Shankman’s HARO emails are a big part of our daily activity. But the CEO and angel investor is also a social media guru who tweets prolifically on technology and business.

@JennyDeluxe: It’s certainly worthwhile to check the feeds of all the New York Times’ tech reporters, but Jenna Wortham tops my list with a mix of consumer tech news, event coverage and juicy gossip from NYC’s emerging tech scene.

@Jack: As the co-founder of Twitter and CEO of Square, Jack Dorsey knows technology. However, as a frequent “re-tweeter,” his feed not only contains his own commentary on the latest tech news, but the valuable insights of other Tweeters as well.

@arrington: Michael Arrington’s Twitter feed highlights the latest technology news posted to TechCrunch – makes sense, he is the founder of the tech news staple site. Also, check out his personal blog Uncrunched, full of the viral videos, personal software and gadget reviews and detailed stories of his career in tech.

@mashable: Pete Cashmore, one of the top tech and social media bloggers around, tweets link after link of news from his highly popular tech news site,Mashable – which is no small feat – we’re talking dozens of stories a day. It’s a good thing Pete’s not hard to look at because you’ll be seeing his avatar all over your Twitter feed!

@sarahcuda: If you can’t make it to California anytime soon, you can count on Sarah Lacy, a former TechCrunch-er, to keep you posted on all things start-up and Silicon Valley through her Twitter feed and news site, PandoDaily.

@kevinrose: Kevin Rose founded Digg, arguably the best social news site around – you’d recognize their logo. More recently he’s been investing in start-ups with Google Ventures. Here’s the takeaway: Rose knows up-and-coming technology, Rose invests in up and coming technology. He’s not only smart and witty, but if you have an interest in tech, you can learn a lot from his musings on Twitter.

And one more for good measure…

@Zer0to5ive: We may not be serial tweeters, but when we tweet it’s relevant and informative. Also, we’re just a fun bunch!

Post by Kristen Everett
Zer0 to 5ive Senior Strategist
Twitter: @krissyeverett