Tried and True Ways to Generate Earned Media Coverage

By: Maria Koblish

The expectations of both clients and journalists are high, and balancing them is key. Clients want coverage maximized and with top-tier outlets, and the media wants stories about topics and trends that their readers care about and will engage with.

At 0to5, we’ve embraced a number of strategies to secure valuable media coverage for our clients. Here are some of our most tried and true:

  1. Craft a Compelling Narrative: At the heart of every great story lies a compelling narrative. Whether it’s about the company’s journey, an impressive milestone, a groundbreaking product, or an inspiring team member, it’s important to hone your story to resonate with the intended audience. Ask yourself, “Why should they care?” Using relevant industry topics and personalization, a PR pro can create stories that are not only relatable and memorable, but also pique the interest of the intended journalist.
  2. Offer Unique and Valuable Insights: In a sea of perspectives, standing out requires unique insights and valuable expertise. It’s important for subject matter experts (SMEs) to actively participate in industry discussions, whether at a conference, in a byline, or through expert commentary, and offer data-driven insights. By providing information that adds value, PR professionals position their clients as a go-to source for industry-related topics.
  3. Capitalize on Your Client’s High-Profile Collaborations and Partnerships: Clients often align themselves with complementary, industry-relevant organizations or influencers that have their own brand and traction. Leveraging these high-profile collaborations and partnerships can help your story and attract the attention of media who have covered the partner in the past.
  4. Build Authentic Media Relationships: Building strong relationships with journalists, influencers, and industry experts is invaluable when you’re looking to garner strong media coverage for your clients. Investing time in understanding unique preferences, specific interests, and varying writing styles gives the pitcher an upper hand in knowing exactly what stories they’ll be most likely to cover. It’s important to engage with the media authentically, offer valuable insights, and be a reliable resource that cultivates trust.
  5. Leverage Social Media and Digital Platforms: Media coverage doesn’t stop once the interview concludes and the story is published. Social media has proven to be a powerful tool for bringing additional attention to your story. By consistently sharing valuable content and engaging with audiences, companies can create a digital footprint that captures the attention of journalists and influencers alike. Moreover, the strategic use of hashtags and tagging relevant entities further amplifies potential reach.

Garnering great media coverage is an effort that requires a strategic approach and persistence. By focusing on compelling stories that offer valuable insights or uniquely interesting storylines, nurturing reporter relationships, and leveraging digital platforms, you will find success in your media relations efforts.

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