What Dogs Teach Us About Branding

By Michelle Pujadas, Founder & Co-CEO

Well, we did it. We got another Great Dane. In fact, we got two. We’ve owned Great Danes before – each one living about a decade, with the first 3 years dedicated to eating our house and everything in it. I’m not sure how the kids – all of whom are WFH or going to school virtually with us – got me to this latest decision, but I believe it was a well-orchestrated, multi-week marketing campaign complete with daily pictures sent via multiple channels, as well as presented in-person on the laptop as if I were a hot prospect. All of this was wrapped in promises of help with training, full-service care, and spikes of FOMO on the love of a good dog. And I bought in – hook, line, and sinker.

So now Charlie (the Merle) and Tucker (the Blue) are here. After watching their behavior for a week, I am having flashbacks of puppies past (Harley and Chopper) and it made me think: this is what branding is all about. It’s about knowing exactly what you’re going to get. In our case, it’s about the need to pee every 20 minutes, large poops even at just 9 weeks old, amazingly cute faces, heart-warming licks, and destructive gnawing on everything.

As a breed, Great Danes are known as the gentle giants. Fierce protectors of the home, they are incredibly loving and warm to their families. They hate to be alone and will follow you from room to room. As puppies, they are adorable, and grow at a rate that is visible on a daily basis. Charlie and Tucker came home at 13 and 16 pounds respectively. My expectation is that they will end up at around 150 and 185 pounds. Big boys!

So, here I am – not a morning person – up at 6:00 a.m. to beat having to clean up an accident. This morning, standing outside in the wet grass, it hit me. It’s going to be a long haul. A great, wonderful, and funny long haul, but a long haul nonetheless. And, what about all of the training, help, and support promised in the sales cycle? Well, it’s there to some extent (lesson learned salespeople!). I looked at my husband the other night and he just laughed and said he knew what we were getting into. No fantasies there. Well, that’s a good brand for you – consistent in all aspects – especially the experience.