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February 2023

If not done correctly, sending mass pitches can be ineffective. This blog shares tips for personalized and “strategic” mass pitching that can help improve your relationships with reporters and earn your clients more media coverage.

February 2023

By siloing marketing and PR, you are missing out on opportunities to leverage both entities to their advantage. This blog explores the art of integrating marketing and PR and offers tips on how they can, and should, work together in harmony.

January 2023

Being a podcast guest can be a great way to reach a specific target audience and can also help add to the variety of ways you’re sharing your clients’ stories and thought leadership. Here are five key tips to keep in mind when working with podcasts.

January 2023

Startups have the potential to grow quickly, but without intentional communication tactics, they can be susceptible to missteps. In this blog post, we’ll explore three powerful communication tactics every startup should master to maximize their success while avoiding costly pitfalls.

August 2022

B2B has been often left out of the conversation about social media marketing, but not anymore. Social media is a worthwhile marketing channel for your business because even though you are selling to other businesses, you’re still selling to people!

June 2022

SEO is one of those terms that is sometimes used as a catch-all when referring to anything related to online marketing but is actually much more specific than how the term is sometimes casually used.

April 2022

Marketers track the success of their digital campaigns in many ways, but using UTM tracking to narrow down reporting can help explain how campaigns contribute to the company’s revenue.

April 2022

You secured a media interview for your client. Yay! Now what? When you are asked to facilitate an interview, it is important to remember that the goal is to position your client’s organization in the best possible light – whether it’s for a product launch or a profile piece on an executive.

March 2022

In today’s highly digital world, it’s more important than ever for brands to design their websites to be accessible and inclusive to all. When websites and applications have barriers to usage it can often cause consumers to seek alternatives, which can have real financial and brand reputational consequences.

February 2022

Thought leadership as part of a startup’s communication strategy is smart. Thought leadership gives a voice to your innovation and can be a great way to elevate your visibility and industry presence.