Since 2017, Zer0 to 5ive has worked with Finxact, a leading provider of next-generation core banking systems for financial institutions, to elevate the company’s brand presence through public relations, marketing, and social media initiatives. As Finxact developed a strong foothold in the banking technology space, the team was ready to take its thought leadership to the next level and create a podcast to amplify brand authority and credibility. The “xtnsbl podcast” would feature Finxact’s executives, industry experts, and other key stakeholders discussing emerging trends, challenges, and innovations in banking technology.


  • Elevate Finxact’s brand visibility and authority within the banking technology space
  • Showcase Finxact’s expertise and thought leadership in financial service technology through discussions with other industry pioneers and expert
  • Increase engagement with Finxact’s target audience, including financial institutions, banking professionals, and other stakeholders
  • Expand reach and connect with audiences worldwide


2023 - 2024
in its first year, the xtnsbl podcast has generated a buzz among industry leaders with over 130 episode downloads and more than 50K organic social media impressions

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