Sony AI, a division of Sony Research, was founded as a subsidiary of Sony Group with the mission to unleash human imagination and creativity with AI. Sony AI aims to combine cutting-edge research and development of artificial intelligence with Sony Group’s imaging and sensing technology, robotics technology, and entertainment assets such as movies, music, and games to accelerate Sony’s transformation into an AI-powered company and to create new business opportunities.


  • Build awareness and visibility of Sony AI; establish Sony AI as a leader in AI research and application with a focus on top-tier media
  • Position Sony AI team as innovators and thought leaders in AI, with an initial focus on Gastronomy and AI ethics
  • Build the Sony AI brand as innovative, exciting, and attractive for recruitment of talent and partnerships

Launch Results

including top-tier technology, vertical and national publications, such as MIT Technology Review, Wired, NPR, and Fortune, among others

interviews elevating
expert visibility


increase in followers
across four SM platforms


media impressions


link clicks across
SM platforms


Media Highlights

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