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GTM Planning for Health Tech Startups

This past Thursday, I had the opportunity to be the keynote speaker at the Plexus Healthcare Innovation Hub in Philly. What an amazing place for health tech startups, especially medical device companies to get started – the space, equipment, people and networking at Plexus are incredible!

I was lucky enough to follow two amazing demonstrations that kept everyone glued to their seats and fully engaged – the first from Dr. Alan Flake of CHOP, who demonstrated an artificial womb that has the potential to significantly decrease the mortality and birth defects that can arise with p...
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Shark Tank: Lessons for Marketers and Entrepreneurs

A new season of ABC’s Shark Tank just kicked off on January 20th. For those who work in or near startup companies, this show alternates between fascinating to watch and uncomfortably painful. New business ideas from smart people = fascinating. Debating from your couch about which ideas have the most potential, who gave the best pitch, and which investors are making the savviest deals = fascinating. Watching green entrepreneurs flounder with unrealistic expectations = painful.

Because of this dichotomy, Shark Tank has spawned a lot of healthy discussions online.

Fox Busines...
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Feb 08

Fall Retreat 2012: Going for the Touchdown

For a couple of days in November, the entire Zer0 to 5ive team holed up in our Philadelphia offices for our Fall Retreat. The focus of this retreat was education and we were able to learn with some very hands-on activities that went beyond PowerPoint presentations and into the application of the principles.

There were some of the usual retreat activities, all with a football spin for fall: account reviews, a crash course from ouraward-winning creative group and way too much caffeine. However, the opportunity to brainstorm with local entrepreneurs on a variety of topics, includi...
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I Love Entrepreneurs

Last night I had the pleasure of presenting to a group of entrepreneurs at theCorzo Center at the University of the Arts.  The topic was “Moving Your Ideas Forward,” where I talked about brand building and what that means to brand success. Connect to presentation here.

What I liked best about the night was the excitement that young entrepreneurs have for their companies.  Everything is shiny and new, and the journey is just beginning.  I have always loved this time in the lifecycle of a company.  It’s all about potential and opportunity.  This is where branding begins...
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